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1.Product Ingredient
1.1 The raw materials are from palm oil producing country Malaysia. The soapbase contains 100% natural plant oils with fatty acid content up to 80%. We add glycerin, essential oils and other moisturizing cosmetic ingredients into the soaps, which makes our soaps can not only clean and remove the odor on a traditional level, but also beautify the skin. All of our soaps have no preservatives, no dioxane and no surfactants of petrochemicals. Consumers can rest assured of our soaps.
1.2 In 2004, China's first piece of essential oil soap was born in NINTA. LUOLAN essential oil soapsare purely hand crafted with plant essential oils, glycerin, sorbitol, amino acids, vitamins and other skin care ingredients. It leads the Chinese essential oil soap market.With crystal clear appearance and up to 60% of skin care actives, LUOLAN essential oil soaps win the hearts of the consumers.

1.3 In 2005, in order to meet the needs of consumers, NINTA startedthe research and development on the cold process soap. The cold process soap is made through the saponification of several natural oils, such as the olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil and sodium hydroxideat room temperature, then adding the desired plant essential oils. Purely hand crafted cold process makes the soaps with pH value more close to a neutral level, and allows the glycerin generated during the saponification all left in the soaps. And plus the cosmetic effect of essential oils, your skins will be well protected.
1.4 In 2008, NINTA successfully released the acidic soap , which breaks the traditional concept of alkaline soap. The acidic soap is 100% soap free with addition of amino acids and moisturizing ingredients. An acidic soap with pH value close to the skins began to enter the soap market.
1.5 In 2014 NINTA antibacterial soap abandoned the triclocarban which was questioned by the United States and Europe. Ninta used the more secure and naturalAg + as natural antibacterial agent to effectively inhibit the common bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. The Ag + was also inspected by the China Quality Supervision Bureau.We always convey the concepts of “Natural”, “Healthy”, “Secure” and “Green”. We strive to provide the perfect soaps for our consumers.

2.Product Quality System
NINTA’s Quality Control Departments validate all aspects of quality control from inspection of incoming raw materials to finished products. Which includeingcomprehensive product tracing system, covering the equipment, materials, process validation, supplier management, raw materials testing,Stability testing,production process control, On-line inspections,operation procedure, keeping the sample, Final product testing,In addition, our Quality Management system ensures that, at all times, all aspects of a product’s quality and safety are met. These standards are also importantly regularly challenged for continuous improvement through internal and external audits.ning.

2.1.Quality Control on Product Development
It includes selecting the suppliers of packaging materials and raw materials, equipment and process validation, product standards compliance testing, product stability testing, environmental simulation testing, product legality verifying, which includes restriction of substances, allergens, labels, etc.

2.2.Quality Control on Raw Materials
We develop our own internal control standards on raw materials according to the relevant national/industry standards and supplier standards. We would sampleeach batch of raw materials and test them according to the internal control standards, and verify with COA of the suppliers.The packaging materials will be sampling according to our internal control standards, customer’s sample and document and the GB /T 2828.1 standard.
2.3.Quality Control on Production Process
Every aspect of the production process would be carefully controlled. Before the production, we would have someone to confirm the information of the sample and inspect the products on a regular basis (every hour) to verify the physical and chemical index of the half finished products and the process product quality. We would also have the workshop five elements checked, which includes employees’ health situation, employees’ standardized operations, equipment parameters and process inspection and equipment cleaning.

2.4.Quality Control on Finished Products
We would have two items of quality control on every batch of finished products.First, we would inspect the packaging and appearanceof the finished products, and then carry out a sampling test.Second, we would go on a physical and chemical sampling inspection.
2.5.After sale Service
For the feedbacks from the market, our company will go into reasons and take steps to improve and verify in accordance with the PDCA.We have a quality guarantee. If our soap is not up to your specification, we will not ship it. If it has been shipped, we will rerun it completely at our cost.
The Quality ,Don’t just take our word for it, our certifications and years of experience, speak for themselves.
The Member of Antibacterial Association.
GMP Certified: ISO 22716/Good Manufacturing Practice.
RSPO Certified: Supply Chain for Round Table for Sustainable Palm Oil.
SEDEX: Certified member of the Supplier of Ethical Data Exchange.
Years of experience: Over 30 years of manufacturing bath and beauty soap products for customers worldwide.
Our beliefs: We do not test products on animals.
Volume trade enquiries welcome, contact us by email sales@ninta.com.cn or by phone.

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