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Research & Development

Vertical Integration = Custom Formulation
Our vertical integration, extensive knowledge of the personal care industry and state-of-the-art R&D labs enable us to excel at unique and differentiating formulations. This vertical integration, provides customers with an infinite number of formulations and finished product designs and package quantities, enabling you to develop a product which is unique to your requirements.

In 2008, NINTA's R&D was looking for a bar soap to complement his existing skin care line.  NINTA's R&D team created a never before attempted formulation that included Lauroyl glutamate acid in a very low pH base. The formulation NINTA developed is effective for both face and body and is ideal for all skin types, especially the most sensitive oily or dry skin.
As a result, the pH 5.5 soap-free bar was launched. It naturally and gently cleanses skin to reveal its true clarity and radiance. It works on younger skin that is prone to blemishes, as well as older skin suffering from dullness, hormonal acne, discoloration, or simply showing signs of aging.

pH4.0 soap-free bar,Surfactant-Based Products
Our vertical integration in synthetic products allows NINTA to leverage the latest technology in cleansing systems. This results in formulations that are incredibly mild, highly effective, and cutting-edge.

Innovation is truly what sets NINTA apart from other bar soap manufacturers. We dedicate 100% of our resources towards optimizing our formulas and streamlining our manufacturing processes. Our innovation is extensive and includes globally sourced ingredients, and bar soap bases, customized production equipment and visually and technically superior formulations.
GMP, RSPO (Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil) and Sedex(Supplier Ethical Data Exchange)
100% custom contract manufacturing. We will not compete with our clients and we will not sell the same product to anyone else.

NINTA'S R&D team is constantly evaluating innovative, cutting-edge materials to use in developing new products and improving existing product properties.  We are always on the lookout for alternative sources for key ingredients, including ingredients with regenerative properties and those from non-traditional sustainable sources.   
We make it a priority to keep our customers informed of our latest technology developments, so that they can lead the industry with their respective products.

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