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  • Established in 1994, Ninta Industrial Co.,Ltd is a GMPC certified manufacturer of bar soaps. Based in Shenzhen, China, Ninta occupies a building area of approximately 60,000 square foot with three production lines, and 9 packaging lines. Its daily output reaches 160 000 pieces one day. Our bar soaps series include essential oil soap, pH 5.5 soap-free bar, beauty soap, exfoliating soap, baby soap, hotel soap and laundry soap etc. We have our own brand LUOLAN for 30 years. LUOLAN branded soaps could be found in most of China supermarkets and stores. We also offer OEM service to customers with private labels from 30 countries, of which 95% are from North America, Europe, Australia and Japan etc. which include well-known brands of NU SKIN,TESCO, DISNEY, SNOOPY,ENCHANTEUR etc . We have an independent NINTA R & D team, Innovation is truly what sets NINTA apart from other bar soap manufacturers. We dedicate 100% ...... MORE


  • GMP:Cosmetics Good ManufacturingPractices (GMP)/ISO 22716
  • RSPO:Round Table for Sustainable Palm Oil-Supply Chain System
  • SEDEX:Supplier Ethical Data Exchange
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